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Dusty Gold  Estate Sales

Arranges, Organizes & Manages Estate Sales  

Helping   you and your  family  Simplify...

  • Right Size, & Move on with Life ! 

This is what we do for you

How do we do it? 
Using Simple and easy to understand pricing and agreements. Requiring no cash advances. Treating  you and your family with respect.  and providing plenty of references.

Importantly our personal professional service before,  during, and after your sale real difference.   No matter if you are local or in a distant location if you need to plan your sale in the Fort Worth Dallas area we are your right choice.

Dusty Gold Estate Sales in advance of the sale days  prices and promotes each item on multiple web sites and markets your families sale with proven strategies,  Pricing is set according to fair market values and is "priced to sell", no games just results.

Many methods are used to arrive at fair market prices:  our years of experience;authentic market research,  attention to detail, and when necessary using  resources and knowledge of  others qualified to judge fair market value. 

 Additionally,  signs (permitted by cities) are posted the day(s) of your sale. and reposted as necessary. Also, if requested   we  arrange delivery (fairly priced) not as fee  to our Estate Sale Client(s)  but to the purchaser directl's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

Please call (817) 689-7193 Michal , (817) 300-4983 Bonnie to discuss or arrange for your sale.

Dusty Gold Estate Sales

Dusty Gold Estate Sales
Arranges, Organizes, and Manages Estates Sales. 
Michal & Bonnie Anderson (817) 689-7193, Fort Worth & Dallas all cities in between,

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